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Modern Analysis – Proto Rhythm 12”

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“Modern Analysis is a new alias project for this their debut 12”. The duo was driven by these times of change and transformation in our world where we feel odd, lost or alienated. Lives have been lost, which has been greatly emotional for humanity. Everyone has a limited time on this planet and nothing stays the same - everything is in constant change.

Side A:
“Proto Rhythm I”
"...A story of friendship, truth, soul, joy, tears, blood, sweat and love
that has only grown stronger through the years that has now
manifested into this musical creation...dedicated to our respective loves,
Camille n Vicki Vale."

Side B:
Proto Rhythm II
"...The story stays the same but in these unprecedented times more than
ever we need love.... unity and the annihilating, life affirming rhythm...
dedicated to our respective loves, Vicki Vale n Camille."

You are, we are, music is, life is, something special.

The Movement Continues onto the next plateau…”

Released by Nation