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GARO #90 (April 1971)


A note on condition and content:
Although they are all firmly intact, complete, and great copies to read and enjoy, these magazines show varying degrees of wear and are NOT mint. Many issues also contain adult content, especially the photo pieces by Araki. Please take into account when ordering.

The monthly manga anthology magazine Garo (ガロ) began publishing in 1964, and was originally geared towards older teens; anchored by the ongoing “Kamui” samurai serial crafted by Sanpei Shirato. By the late 1960s and onwards, it evolved it’s focus to appeal to college aged readers and became the premiere anthology to showcase the new wave of artists emerging on the scene. Publishing manga and fine art by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Yoshiharu & Tadao Tsuge, Yoshikazu Ebisu, Takashi Nemoto, Nekojiru, Nobuyoshi Araki, the mighty King Terry, along with scores of others, Garo pushed the formal limits of comics, graphic design and photography.

English language readers have had some windows into Garo’s literary and experimental output over the last few decades; Françoise Mouly & Art Spiegelman’s “Raw” magazine in the 80s, the anthologies “Comics Underground Japan” and “Sake Jock” in the 90s, and various books published by PictureBox Inc., Drawn & Quarterly and Breakdown Press in the 00s. Despite this, the world of underground manga runs deep, and the majority of this avant-garde work remains untranslated and/or out of print. These books offer a bird’s eye view of some of the most exciting work to ever grace the medium.

  • Image of GARO #90 (April 1971)
  • Image of GARO #90 (April 1971)
  • Image of GARO #90 (April 1971)