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Vladimir Levi & Kim Breytburg - Milky Garden LP


Original stock copies of this wonderful and deep new age record from 1992. "Milky Garden" represents a collaboration between metaphysicist/lyricist Vladimir Levi and musician Kim Breytburg, together producing an artifact intended to heal rather than for pure listening enjoyment.

"Allow yourself, while listening, to be free. Move as you like if you feel the urge. If the body moves by itself, do not hide: the body knows what it needs. Your attention controls yourself better than you, trust it completely. The beneficial effect of the composition will be strengthened and will last if you do not “hear” it until it is saturated. Listen to the record no more than three times in a row. After a weekly daily hearing (even, say, only one of the plays), pause for two to three days, and after a month - for at least a week, then whatever you want. During breaks, you will feel it, the composition continues to work."