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Valentino Mora – Body Nostalgia 12”


“The exploration of both Tokyo and Berlin’s ever-burgeoning electronic music culture has led to the culmination of Valentino’s ‘Body Nostalgia’ EP. Delving deeper on the subject of movement, both tracks are an extravagant reaction to the domination of logic and to the suppression of the body's memory. Body Nostalgia (Erogenous Extended Dub) steps up for the first track off IDO and delivers over eleven minutes worth of subaqueous textures, manifesting Valentino’s own expression of space and time. Even though the core ideology remains correlative, B-side’s Steamroom (6am Exaltation Mix) creates its own identity by venturing into the industrial landscape with drops of acid washed through the track. What follows for IDO’s complete body of work is yet to be determined, however it’s initial intent is one of sincerity and the ability to share thought-provoking music for likeminded listeners.“

Released by IDO