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The Evergreen Club Gamelan Ensemble - North Of Java LP

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Self-described gamelan-plus ensemble they use electronics, Western instruments and extended techniques to accompany their Javanese degung set. North of Java sees the group, composed of Andrew Timar, Bill Brennan, Blair Mackay, Jon Siddall, Michael Cote,Paul Omandy, and Richard Sacks, performing contemporary works often woven around a rhythmic tapestry of drum computer and synthesizer. Founding member Andrew Timar has played on several 80s Jon Hassell LPs, and the FM fabric of Paul Intson’s Two Paths, and Larry Lake’s electronic trilogy certainly feel like they are cut from the 80s 4th World cloth. Inston’s deft piece feels almost like an outtake from Kimber and Keliehor’s Bruton excursion East Meets West. A Brilliant and underrated gem from the North American Gamelan canon, as timely now as it ever was.

Sealed stock copies - may have very slight warp from storage dnap