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Robert Minden Ensemble – Long Journey Home (Cassette)

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(OTTER BAY 102C) Long Journey Home - "Freshly minted acoustic music performed on invented instruments. No electronics here. No samplers. No synthesizers. A lyrical resonance richly textured with found and ancient sounds."

"In the electronic age there is a certain satisfaction in thwacking lengths of plumbing pipe and singing into vacuum cleaner hoses. It offers a freedom from electronically synthesized sound and inspires our music."

Conch shells, vacuum cleaner hoses, musical saws - The Minden Ensemble's instruments are a mix of found objects, acoustic inventions, and ancient sound sources, meticulously arranged into miniature worlds of vast soundscape composition. The ensemble - featuring Carla Hallett, Andrea Minden, Dewi Minden, and Robert Minden - has been described as an "environmental chamber orchestra" of classically trained musicians exploring the outer reaches of sound on found environmental objects, inviting listeners to explore sounds as sounds and the ideas that sounds embody.