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Minoru "Hoodoo" Fushimi – Tamaran!!! LP

$30.00 / Sold Out

“Hoodoo” Fushimi’s previously CD only release from 1989 “Tamaran!!!" is finally available on vinyl from the fine folks at Ottagono Design Of Music; continuing their mission that began with last year’s Be-2 compilation. Electro/hip hop/funk/disco/experimental music crafted in the most bare fashion, as only Fushimi does. From “Kaette Ne,” an italo inflected love letter to spaces like the Paradise Garage and Chicago’s Warehouse, to the bonked electro funkiness of “Retsu Dance,” this album goes for it.

In Minoru’s words:
“Actually about ‘TAMARAN!!!’, I had finished the track down mastering at a professional recording studio with some engineers, and later when I heard it, the result was fine with very good quality of sound, but I felt that was ‘too good to express some kind of naked feeling’, so I threw away the master tape, and then did the trackdown mastering again by myself (just as before). And I had just got the new DAT, so hoped that will be a good result. So the sound was ‘raw’ in a good way as heard on the actual CD.”