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EKKO - Ekkocentric (The Remixes) 3LP


Original stock of this Interchill triple LP compilation via our friends at Séance Centre.

“Flooring and expansive triple LP compilation of remixes of Interchill’s fertile 4th world trance hive mind EKKO from 2000. Here the group’s sole album Centripetal is stretched, dubbed, wound, warped, and generally turned inside out by the label’s psychedelic rolodex of downtempo cosmonauts, including Adham Shaikh, Legion of Green Men, Watershell, Makyo and Hydraulic. The resulting bricolage ranges from melted downtempo shoegaze to synapse re-ordering trance trips. One of the highest peaks in Interchill’s pioneering range. Essential Canadiana.”

  • Image of EKKO - Ekkocentric (The Remixes) 3LP
  • Image of EKKO - Ekkocentric (The Remixes) 3LP