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Carly Barton - OST (Book + USB)


[Variform (2020) / Cat. V 01440 2 / Edition of 111]

“The piano has always been the most effective tool for me to meditate — to check in with myself. A way to be mindful or mindless, ponder aimlessly or with focused intent, and mostly, a way to feel through the intensity of being a living thing.”

OST collects five contemplative pieces written for piano by Carly Barton, representing a life-long dive through N64 deep cuts and anime ambience. Evoking the lonely and ethereal spaces where Nausicaä first meets a living Ohmu, and Hyrule’s protector awakes from a century long slumber, these compositions continue Carly’s exploratory work reimagining the worlds coded within soundtracks of anime and video games, otherwise seen in their year-long monthly installment based projects Vidya World (2018) and ARC: Anime Resource Center (2020). With this limited edition, Variform has published the sheet music in a beautifully minimal Riso pressed book, and included a USB drive filled with MIDI and audio realizations of the songs in both console and arcade versions.

Composed – Carly Barton
Book Design – Carly Barton
Publisher – Variform
Printed – Secret Room (Portland, Oregon)

Produced – Carly Barton
Mastered – Max Wolf

Product Photography – Marcus Fischer

  • Image of Carly Barton - OST (Book + USB)
  • Image of Carly Barton - OST (Book + USB)