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Al Diaz – “What’s In A Name?” 7”


Limited edition pressing, white label copies with hand stamped inner sleeve.

Celebrated NYC Artist/Musician Al Diaz (whom has contributed a rich and bountiful body of work to the art world since the late 1970’s, including collaborating with Jean-Michel Basquiat on the SAMO© graffiti project) delivers a take on the times heard through raw, rolling percussion layered with swirling poetic vocals- this time presented on a limited pressing from The Sound Council.

The original master tapes were unearthed in a NY recording studio by producer/engineer Bruce Tovsky (Liquid Liquid, 99 Records). The track itself, which was birthed within the revered No Wave / Post Punk scene of a lost Downtown NYC, is seemingly drenched in the electricity of this glorified era.

Vocals, Timbales – Al Diaz
Additional Vocals – Jane-Waltzer-Diaz, Rene Cruz
Guitar, Bass – John Kuhlman
Congas – Angel Quinones
Guitar – Carlos Vivanco
Drum – Freddy Klatz
Whistling – Joe Nieves, Michael Overn

Remix – Mr. Chinn